2nd Hand BoardGames

Starting from 16th Sept 2012, BGRJ is currently on trial for implementing at buying and reselling 2nd hand BoardGames.

Please read our following Rules & Conditions for details:


Terms & Conditions:

  1. All 2nd hand Boardgames are to be transact ONLY at JCUBE Outpost.

  2. BGRJ is not obliged to accept for purchase all 2nd hand BoardGames received.

  3. All 2nd hand Boardgames must be in Good Conditions and All items Intact and Original as stated in the Rules book of the game.

  4. As BGRJ is respondsible to the next buying patron, conditions of Boardgames are to be finalised and determined by BGRJ.

  5. Purchasing price of the 2nd hand BoardGame shall be determind by BGRJ.

  6. To prevent any dispute between BGRJ & seller, please read the above terms & conditions to agree & accept.


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