ReJuvenator Benefits (Membership)


1. 10% Discount on any regular priced BoardGames to ReJuvenator

2. 20% Birthday Month Discount as Extra Perk given to ReJuvenator for the whole Month for any regular priced BoardGames

3. Purchase of up to $200 within a year and be ReJuvenated with $20 Cash Voucher from BoardGames Rejuvenate.

3. No Downpayment needed when Pre-Ordering of BoardGames in advance

4. ReJuvenatorship card is currently Transferable:

a) Relatives and Friends of ReJuvenator do not need to physically posess the ReJuvenator's card to enjoy 10% ReJuvenator discount.

(ReJuvenator # and registered name however is required upon verification by BGRJ)

b) Amounts purchased will be credit into ReJuvenator's account

More to come ^^

How to Become Our ReJuvenator:

Just purchase $50 and above in a single receipt and you are immediately qualify as ReJuvenator of BGRJ and enjoys our perks instantly!


ReJuvenatorship is valid for 2 years.

(we may however allow for further extension base on Activeness of ReJuvenator on case by case basis)


Notice of Advice:

On side note, we hope to explain further on how our birthday month discount works.

Boardgames Rejuvenate started birthday month discount to reward further to our ReJuvenators as an Additional perk other than the usual ReJuvenator discount.

As birthday month is at least 30 days long, we believe we have given ample time for our ReJuvenators to plan ahead for their purchases and get to enjoy this perk when the month arrives. Therefore we do not work in the way that we take pre-order or receive in advance cash payment in the last minute during birthday month and expect to continue the perk after the period of 30 days are over.

Morever, the stock are still subjected to supplier stock availability. Although we take pride that we air freight in every of our delivery instead of sea shipping, we will still need at least 2 weeks after the order is given.

Our best advice to our ReJuvenators on birthday month is that to alert us at least 1 month in advance for the pre-order and we are also unable to guarantee stock availability and timely arrival.

Auction Corner:

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