About Us

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our humble shop of BoardGames to you.

We enjoy playing BoardGames and have a passion towards them and wanting to share our interest and bring joys to others who know or do not knows about BoardGames.

This idea kick-start us to become a supplier of BoardGames to bring Joys to the people that we will meet and knows.

We called ourselves BoardGames Rejuvenate because we believe that by playing BoardGames, it has the same effects as a spa, it will rejuvenate you and makes you a happier person. You life will start to communicate with the people around you because you play with them and interact with them.

We initially wanted to start off as an online shop as we figured that a lot of capital has to be pumped in order to have even just a small shop front as we have our limitations and afraid to take such a leap as it will be a commitment tied to it.

Our reason to have a humble shop is simple: In Singapore in order to buy BoardGames, many of you would surf the net and get it online. Just to put fore that we are definitely not against any online sellers. We find that having a physical shop front means a lot to people who might want to take a look at the physical contents inside or is afraid of online hassle on the games you bought might not be what it is as shown.

With the physical box in hand, you know how heavy or light, big or small the BoardGames you might intent to buy. And with a shop, you can ALWAYS come back to the shop should there be any issue with the games.

With a shop, we can always do demonstration and show our customers on the games that they are interested in the shop, or if not explore and learn together with us too. Our customers will then have an idea of the games before deciding to purchase. Through online, there’s always some limitations to these benefits that only a physical shop can provide.

We will always try to better our service to our customers and should there be any enquiries, we will pledge ourselves to improve it and seek your kind patience and understanding as we are newly established.

Yours Sincerely

BoardGames ReJuvenate

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